"If you are considering purchasing canvas art from this site, you probably have an eye for art, not decor. Decor is something you may purchase from another site that will match the sofa...something you may see at your local bed and bath” store. You most likely own some original artwork and want to compliment that investment with high quality reproductions of imagery that is meaningful. That is what we do."

The actual canvas

Our canvas is OBA* Free and truly archival—museum quality. It is certified by the Fine Art Trade Guild as 100 year+ archival and guaranteed not to fade or yellow in normal lighting conditions. 100 years may not matter to you when it comes to fading or yellowing but 1 or 2 years certainly should.

Ask your art or photography or canvas provider if their canvas is OBA free. Chances are it is not.

*Optical Brightness Additives are artificial brightening agents commonly used in many inkjet substrates to make them appear "brighter" or whiter than they actually are. According to the most recognized inkjet print permanence testing organization, the Wilhelm Research Institute, OBAs should be avoided because they compromise the longevity of fine art prints by causing yellowing, and by causing the colors of a print appear different under differing lighting conditions.

The inks and printing process

There are three main inks and and related equipment for inkjet printing of art and photography on canvas. For a professional fine art print maker it is a matter quality vs quantity or craftsmanship vs mass production.

Aqueous Aqueous printers are used by museums, high end art galleries, professional photographers and some quality-oriented fine art publishers. One of the reasons The National Gallery of Art chose our company for their inkjet printing is the fact that we used aqueous equipment. Solvent printers are used for vinyl banners (think beer ads outside a tavern) and canvas prints found in lower end mass merchandiser merchandiser retail stores and websites. UV printers and inks are becoming popular as a replacement for solvent because they are even faster and more efficient for mass production than solvent, yet this is still at the expense of archivability quality.

As well as higher image quality, aqueous prints are sprayed with an environmentally safe, water based sealant that helps the image "pop" and adds to its overall protection and longevity. Read more in the "GREEN IS GOOD" section.

Green is good

Our inks and protectants contain NO VOCs and therefore we offer the most environmentally friendly canvas print product on the market SOLVENT INKS CONTAIN VOCs and therefore are NOT ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY. In the interest of full disclosure, the UV process produces very little if any VOCs but has less image quality on canvas than aqueous.

RAW ROLLED CANVAS: RAW ROLLED CANVAS: Treated at the factory with a sealant (to accept the ink when we print) that contains NO VOCs.
OUR AQUEOUS INKS: We use water-based inks that contain NO VOCs.
OVERSPRAY: The last step of print production. Our overspray contains NO VOCs.

The The paradox here is that the aqueous inks are environmentally friendly AND provide the best possible image quality and longevity.

Made in the USA

Our canvas is not imported. The canvas and all related framing components are proudly made in America,